Mellorn Audio was introduced in public in 1994 when launching Mellorn Medium integrated amplifier on the Budapest High-End Show. That was the beginning though the Medium ran out of production several years ago. Mellorn Audio has been built on a solid professional basis. I personally, an owner and chief design engineer of the company, was graduated as an MScEE at the Technical University of Budapest in 1988. I studied microelectronics and technology and was specialized in design and construction of wide-range electrostatic loudspeakers. Prior to establishing Mellorn Audio I worked for the Hungarian Radio as a development engineer in the field of professional audio.

At that time when Mellorn Medium amplifier was introduced I met a music enthusiast friend of mine Gabor Maroti. As we realized soon we shared quite the same ideas on music, aesthetics of reproduced sound and development of high-end audio equipment. Gabor provides the basic concepts of the construction of our cables and equipment stands as well as the functional design of our unique analogue turntable system called Nemesis while my basic responsibility is designing our electronics and loudspeaker systems.

Our new models are always created and launched after painstaking and thorough experiments and listening tests following the basic engineering design. That requires a carefully coordinated common activity as well as continuously determining and readjusting our development objectives. In every case the starting point and the goal are the sound itself – our experimental models spend months or years in our workshop before they could be purchased as commercial products. Due to our policy we provide general follow-up for our equipment sold and offer modifications if necessary in order to keep them up-to-date even several years after the date of purchase.

Ability to create a vivid musical atmosphere – that is the essence of all Mellorn Audio products and systems. The two most important components of it are the rich, detailed sound and the calm but transparent and delicate tone. Power and delicacy. Details and straightforwardness. Articulation and emotions. When trying to achieve all of those virtues in ordinary systems compromises would lead to contradictions in the end – according to our standards of design and construction those can be established on a higher level of harmony and that is the aim we work for.

Tamas Pelczer


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