Our Anachron/Crescendo/Temptation modular amplifier system was introduced in 1995 as a reference system equalled in quality to our Access loudspeakers. Despite of some minor modifications it still provides the same initial level of excellence and will provide it in the future as well.

Requirements are extreme according to its duty: crystal clear transparency, thrilling liveliness, attracting dynamics. According to that, the construction itself is extreme as well. The circuitry combines the most complex details with an ultimately straightforward overall structure. Some of the main features are the true dual mono configuration, symmetric Class A circuits with no overall negative feedback, as well as passive frequency equalization with separate MM and MC input stages in case of Anachron phono amplifier, impregnated and shielded toroidal mains transformers, special hybrid stages integrating power supply and amplifier functionality, and so on. Despite of concentrating on the sheer details the point is their overall harmony itself.

The design is not based on pure engineering but on results of thorough listening tests as well. One may debate on different design philosophies – the Anachron/Crescendo/Temptation system argues from tangible quality.



Our integrated amplifier called Spirit followed directly its spiritual predecessor, the Anachron/Crescendo/Temptation reference amplifier system. Its duty was to introduce the same musical world as it was done by its big brothers. Spirit provides an exceptional quality that is absolutely uncommon in case of integrated amplifiers.

The difference does not simply mean outlook and craftsmanship. Technical details of the power stage resemble the solutions used in Temptation with the main exception of the power supply system. In case of the Spirit one common heavy-duty toroidal transformer supplies separated rectifiers, reservoir capacitor banks and regulator circuits for each channel. Audio amplifier stages can be characterized as symmetrical Class A circuits with no overall negative feedback, as in the case of our reference system. The power amplifier stages are combined with a passive input selector and volume control unit. In case of the phono input version a highly sophisticated RIAA amplifier incorporates with the other parts of the Spirit. The RIAA amplifier module of the Spirit is a superb audiophile equipment on its own. For maximum purity it is capable to interface directly both MM and MC cartridges eliminating the need of additional step-up transformers.

According to the details above the sound of the Spirit is extremely high resolution, absolutely refined, however, prestigiously dynamic. The Spirit is an autonomous creation that can be a fully entitled member of even top level systems. When it is connected to modestly priced pieces of equipment it will act as a determinant central unit of the audio chain.



As the Spirit integrated amplifier resembles to the Anachron/Crescendo/Temptation reference system so the Stream phono amp provides virtues similarly to the Mellorn Anachron RIAA amplifier.

Basis of the construction is the highly sophisticated phono module of the Spirit integrated amplifier, powered by a dedicated power supply. Main features, just like in case of the other Mellorn Audio electronics, are the following: symmetrical Class A circuits with no overall negative feedback, passive RIAA equalization, direct coupled MM and MC inputs. Details and stability of the soundstage excels even the phono stage of the Spirit due to the modified power supply and can be compared to the best ones.

Vividness and tones of the sound are unique. Finally, the Stream approached the Anachron very close in many ways and proved to be one of the best phono amplifiers regardless of price.


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