Zero Reference interconnect cables and Axiom loudspeaker cables

Special audio cables are fully recognized parts of audio systems for a long time. Their duty is to act in the background but their importance is undoubted. Their effect on the sound – tonal balance, transparency, details – influences, in many cases determines the overall quality of a system. Whether the musical reproduction will be an elevated but vivacious experience depends on the quality of cables as well.

As a consequence of the above, during cable design and development a system approach had to be followed. Our theories and principles were concluded exclusively from practical experiences of thorough listening tests. Structure of our cables and the applied materials had to prove their qualities in real life situations. All of our cables, either being interconnect cables or loudspeaker cables, have the same definite characteristics pointing towards the same direction just like our other types of equipment do. Our cables become inevitable if one would like to enjoy the perfectly balanced elegancy, the dynamic but sophisticated details of sound.


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