Catching the essence of music – that is the meaning of the name. What the Access provides is not only some quantitative excess of parameters. Enhanced naturalness and lifelikeness of the sound characterizes the difference between the Access and other types of loudspeakers and that is that takes the audience closer to the living secret enclosed into the music. The Access is a three-way system built up in a different way. The basis of it is a very fast response, detailed sounding two-way small box with superb plasticity that is enclosed into a common baffle with a well-damped bass system providing a stable basis of sound. Excellent transient response is achieved due to the magnetostatic tweeter, the wide range aluminium cone midbass driver, the separated crossover filter and the special rigid baffle featuring 40 mm MDF boards in all critical positions. The Access comes with piano lacquer finish as standard but can be ordered with different types of plywood veneer as well.

Emotions, elegance and passion. The sound breathes and flies with ease suggesting the presence of delicate power. The Access has a personality drawing everybody’s attention without any pretention. It performs all kinds of music with competence and authenticity.



The name here refers to the capabilities not to dimensions. If someone focuses on the end result, the sound experience itself, parameters and dimensions become irrelevant. That is true in case of the best small loudspeakers just like the Goliath Supreme is. Despite of its tiny dimensions it performs exceptionally in all genres. Robustness and painstaking engineering of the baffle and the crossover filter make it capable to reproduce either symphonic or even rock music as well demanding considerable amount of power while it sounds intimately and sophisticated with holographic soundstage in case of chamber music and vocals.

The Goliath is very similar to the upper two-way section of the Access – the treble is powered by a magnetostatic tweeter, however, the midbass driver is combined with a specially dimensioned passive radiator.

Probably the tiny dimensions are the reason why the Goliath can cause the biggest surprise for the audience. The sound is full but airy and graceful. The music fills up the whole atmosphere while the Goliath hides in the background discreetly.



The duty of the Stone is to provide deep and articulated bass for Goliath Supreme just like it can be experienced in case of the best standing boxes. Due to the perfect blend the Goliath preserves space, plasticity and details while the Stone adds extents and ease to bass making the sound more spacious and generous.

The Stone is a perfect complement of the Goliath in its physical embodiment as well. It replaces the original stand of the Goliath. Due to the placement of the electrical terminals cabling of the boxes is easy. The Stone is a vented box with a passive radiator. The baffle is made of specially reinforced MDF boards. The piano lacquer finish is standard but the Stone be ordered with different types of plywood veneer as well.

The Goliath Supreme speakers combined with Stone subbass systems compete with the best standing boxes regarding dynamism and power, however, keep up their original and unbeatable transparency, details and holographic soundstage.


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