All those people who have already heard how music can come alive during listening to the best vinyl records agree on that analogue turntables are and remain to be determinant sources of music still for many-many years. The basic question we had to ask ourselves when we started our development work was whether a several decades old mature technology can still be improved. We have found our way by integrating all of our knowledge and experience on the design and construction of different mechanical systems while we maintained all of our respect for all the best traditions.

The three key points of the construction are the integration of function and form, the accuracy in craftsmanship and the distinguished look reflecting to the quality of sound. We created a classic belt drive system characterized by superb precision and labour. The key of the construction is the unique tuned coupled system with a harmonized selection of materials and the special shape that provides exceptional neutrality and musicality in spite of the resonant characteristics of usual heavy weight and suspension type models. According to all of that the sound is very stable and highly balanced but at the same time vivid, thrilling and detailed – musical, in the best possible way.

The end result is the very special Nemesis. Unique sound and look. Honour to an era that created a huge mass of recordings unexcelled ever since.


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